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Manual how to select the right variant of wheel hub cap:

- Prepare your measured values ​​of A, B, C, D and F, these values to be compared on the right side of the table
  where the  applicable ranges are

- start with comparing dimension C, that will narrow your options to one or few variants

- then continue with dimension B, that will again narrow to one or maybe to caps variants

- and as last compare dimension A.

At this point you should have only one cap in your scope. If there might still be two options
compare also dimensions  D, E and F and selct one with dimensions that fit  the best.
Write down your selection and use it for your order.

If you need advice, send us email with the dimensions you have measured.


Overview of variants:

Wheel center caps diameter 52 mm

cover blueprint


Your measured dimensions can be used within bellow ranges:

In order to have the center cap fit prefectly, dimensions A, B and C measured by you must be in within all three  A, B and C ranges for particular cap variant.

Cap variant
Photo - click to enlarge


1020 1020 wheel center cap 52,9 47,5 3,0 4,0 7,0 4,0 52,7 - 53,4 mm 47,3 - 47,7 mm 3,0 - 3,4 mm
1004 1004 wheel center cap 52,4 48,3 3,0 4,5 6,5 3,5 52,2 - 52,9 mm 48,1 - 48,5 mm 3,0 - 3,4 mm
1002 1002 Krytka středu alu kola 52,7 47,3 7,0 7,8 11,0 4,0 52,5 - 53,2 mm 47,1 - 47,5 mm 7,0 - 7,4 mm